Medek stands for a Dynamic Method of Kinetic Stimulation. It is a physiotherapy method used to develop gross motor skills in babies and children with movement disorders due to neurological dysfunctions.

Our first team is our second family. This group of people is still growing, but continues to share the same goal – to help our youngest patients develop and to support parents/caregivers. Close relationships with parents/caregivers, mutual trust, and the need to help resulted in setting up more ASQ divisions.

This way we have founded the ASQ Therapeutic Preschool Centre and ASQ Primary School. Both are dedicated to children with autism, Asperger syndrome and multiple disability.

Why ASQ Medek Therapy Centre? It all started with my patients’ parents. And I’m very thankful to: Dominika, a mum who never loses her strength, always looks beautiful and is always on the move (no coffee required) to do everything she can; Michał – a dad who is a coach to his daughter, Michalina, a brave little woman with some character.
Thanks to you I got to know Medek and Ester Fink.
After I returned from Canada, I was very eager to practice Medek on my little patients with movement disorders due to neurological dysfunctions. Accidentally, a couple of other therapists became intrigued, and just by looking at the effects, they cannot wait to try it for themselves!

Because Medek becomes more and more popular in Poland and Europe, despite the fact there are only a couple of professional Medek centres and the amount of information available in the Polish language is very limited, we have created a separate ASQ centre that specialises in Medek only.

Our ASQ Medek Therapy Centre is more than a place for parents and children with dysfunctions of the motor system. It is more than a centre where children come for Medek rehabilitation camps.
Our centre is also addressed to therapists and doctors, who are interested in this method. Why? Because patients’ therapeutic success depends on a close cooperation between specialists and families. This is what we strongly believe in. Come and visit us!

Thanks to the fact that Joanna met Ester Fink, and thanks to Ester’s openness and wish to introduce Medek to wider audiences, in 2018 ASQ will hold the first Medek course (Level 1). This will be the only course in Poland and Europe to be instructed by Ester Fink (more information here).

Our team is constantly growing and soon, besides Joanna Sopińska-Stanek, who holds a Medek Level II certificate, other specialists will join us. We’re on the move. Come and visit us.

I had the idea to go to Canada. I had this need to act. I’m not the first therapist in Poland who was awarded Medek I and II certificate. But the most important thing is that I certainly will not be the last one!!!