Dear parents/caregivers, we have gathered answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Medek therapy we provide at ASQ Medek Therapy Centre.

What does Medek therapy look like?

The most popular and effective way of applying Medek therapy takes place during rehabilitation camps. They usually last from 1 to 2 weeks
(the duration is determined individually with the parents/caregivers after the child’s condition has been assessed by the therapist). During a rehabilitation camp, therapeutic sessions are held twice a day, 45 minutes each.

Do parents/caregivers participate in sessions?

Parents/caregivers are also present during the sessions to observe. By participating, they get a chance of taking a closer look at each exercise (or video record it). It is very important from the point of view of therapeutic success which to a high extent depends on a close and persistent cooperation between the therapist, the child and the parents.

How will I know which exercises my child should practice at home after the camp has finished?

First of all, parents/caregivers learn each exercise during the camp. Then, once the camp has finished, they receive a set of homework exercises, which are described in detail, including when and how often they should be practiced.

Do I need the special set of Medek boxes to be able to perform homework exercises?

If your child is already practicing using boxes and other accessories, it is best to have a set like this at home. However, many exercises can be performed using alternative means. But the net effect is the challenge for the child's central nervous system, which the baby needs to develop, becomes limited.

Is participation in one rehabilitation camp enough?

It depends primarily on the child's degree of dysfunction. However, Medek helps achieve effects quite quickly.

When is it best to start the therapy?

In the case of Medek, we recommend to start treatment as soon as possible. The upper age limit is determined by the child's weight and therapist's physical ability. The assumed age limit is 6 years.

Are there any criteria that could exclude my child from getting the Medek therapy?

One of the contraindications for Medek therapy is hip joint luxation and severe scoliosis. Flaccid paralysis (e.g. myelomeningocele) limit the range of exercises. It sometimes happen that a child does not respond to the therapy at all. But this can be determined during therapy only.

Is treatment provided during rehabilitation camps only?

Patients who live in the area where our Centre is located visit us for regular therapy a couple of times a week. However, we recommend rehabilitation camps (1 or 2 weeks) as the most efficient way of making progress.

How quickly progress is made?

It all depends on the degree of the child's dysfunction. Very often effects can be seen on the same day, as a result of systematic and regular work. And quite often they are more spectacular than anyone, including the parents, could expect.

I live outside Poland. How can my child participate in a rehabilitation camp?

We help patients who live outside Wołomin find accommodation for the duration of the camp. We also offer advice and support regarding the organizational matters. Camps are also organized in Warsaw (ul. Łukomska 50 lok. 3 (Praga South)).

Is it possible to organize a rehabilitation camp outside ASQ Medek Therapy Centre?

It is possible, provided a group of patients is formed, the right venue is booked, and the cost of travel and accommodation is covered. In each case, conditions will be discussed individually. 

Medek therapy is a new method. How should I know if a given therapist has the required expertise and experience?

It's true. Medek is a new method not only in Poland, but generally in Europe. Every qualified therapist should have a certificate issued by a Medek instructor. Also, pay attention to the level of certification, because Medek has two levels of certification.

Where can I find more information about Medek therapy?

You can visit our website and our Facebook profile. On our YouTube channel you will find videos about the method.

How much does a session cost?

Single session of 45 minutes costs PLN 130.00. The cost of a rehabilitation camp is determined individually.

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