The Medek therapy has turned out to be a  bull’s-eye for my daughter Alicja. So far no other method hasn’t brought so fast and visible progress in  Alicja’s motor development. I’m full of admiration for the therapists, especially for Mrs Karolina Kusik who is the top-tier therapist. Mrs Karolina is a real angel. I have absolute confidence in her. She taught me every single exercise which I have to practise at home with Alicja.
If anybody consider trying the Medek therapy, please don’t hesitate! Don’t lose your child’s valuable time.
Thank you very much.
P.S. See you very soon during our next camp:)
Alicja’s Mum

We wish to thank Joanna Sopińska-Stanek for providing a comprehensive and professional care to our daughter. Hania was a severely premature baby. She suffered a 4 th degree brain haemorrhage and has huge neurological deficits.

Joanna started working with Hania soon after she had been discharged from hospital. Her corrected age at that time was 1 month. Following a consultation, we decided Hania would get a Medek treatment. It was a difficult decision, because at that time almost no one knew anything about Medek. Some therapists even advised us against getting Medek therapy.

Effects came almost instantaneously. Hania was catching up very quickly. Neurologists and physiotherapists were, and still are, impressed by the progress she has made and is still making. Although some of the exercises look scary, Hania keeps her cool, which does not mean she does not
has to work hard.

We have already participated in 14 rehabilitation camps and got more than 5 months of therapy. We know we still have a long way to go, but for now we are happy for Hania, who has learnt to: stabilize her head, roll from back to belly through both sides, and sometimes even from belly to back, grasp toys and her feet with the right hand, put two hands together, spin around on her belly; her trunk is really strong and stable and she is anxious to sit up. For a 6-month old baby, this seems to be normal, but for Hania it is a huge achievement – one that a couple of months ago we didn’t even dream of witnessing.

Joanna helped Hania achieve what seemed impossible. Thank you so much!!!

Hania and her parents

"We have chosen the Medek Centre ASQ what was an excellent choice. It’s a place where parents get an opportunity to learn every exercises to do at home.
Our evry-day therapist joined us for one day. We appreciate very much such solution because it’s rather rarely that the institution allows to come with own therapist to practice together. Thanks to it, Wiki could continue the exercises also in her nursery.
Aunt Olga – thank you very much for your patience and perservering fight with Wiki’s moods :)"
Wiktoria’s mum

"I am delighted with the Medek therapy! The progress is visible after each camps. Earlier we had been waiting and waiting for any little improvement. One Medek camp and the results -incredible. Our daughter Weronika surprises us on every camp.
I’m also impressed by Mrs Olga Pardej preparations and competences. Her professionalism is visible during every exercises.
I think, the Medek therapy is the best what could happen to us and I highly recommend it to anyone who hestitates still.
Every time we are well-prepared for exercising at home. Olga Pardej takes care of it very much :).
P.S. Thank you for your patience:)"
Weronika’s mum

"Malina had a 10-day camp. She was working with Dorota Tarchalska in Warsaw branch. The whole communication before a camp with a Centre had been very friendly.
I got very professional information from Mrs Dorota whereas Malina got a lot of work and love from Dorota.
We, as a parents of disabled children, meet many people on our way. Always there is a “risk” if we go for somebody. Mrs Dorota made us feel so comfortable. We had been learnt by Dorota and now feel strenght enough to work with Malina at home. And can’t wait for the next camp. Many thanks to the whole ASQ team. "
Malina’s mum

ASQ Medek Therapy Centre is an unique place creating by extraordinary people. Professonalism and experience plus huge, however rarely seen , commitment and individual approach to every little patient. This is a recipe for the success and it’s guarantee of child’s motor development.
We are very lucky to have worked with such a wonderful team headed by Asia Sopinska Stanek.
Asia knows very well what Filip needs in every particular moment. She always has a kind word for us. Furthemore she is an open-minded person with infinite patience.
Congratulations and thanks for your being!
Filip’s Dad

"Few years ago we decided to go to France and got to know Ester Fink and the medek therapy. Asia Sopinska Stanek was so exciting and curious about this new method that she flew with us. It was like craziness. We were impressed that she decided to accompany us and was willing to learn something completely new. Now Asia is the master of medek. Thank you very much for these many years you have been working with Michasia. "
Michalina’s parents

"I honestly recommend a medek camp in Wołomin. We are just after the first camp and I’ve noticed Zuzia trunk is more stable. What’s more she is eager to sit without any help!
Mrs Olga was very involved in teaching us the exercises we have to do at home. Very professional attitude to the child.
The Medek Centre ASQ is very friendly place with a flexible schedule. We can’t wait for the next camp!!!"
Zuzia’s Mum

"We highly recommend Asia Sopinska Stanek as a therapist and the medek camps. Asia is very warm, empathetic and professional person. She explained to us every exercise and then we were practicing with Lila as long as we did it perfectly.
Furthemore Asia gave us a huge motivation to fight for Lila by means of Medek. It was obvious for us we listened to Asia and now we have added Medek as a fixed point of Lila’s therapy in combination with other methods. "
Lila’s parents

"I am absolutely for the Medek therapy!!! Our therapist – Mrs Dorotka the best of the best. I love her attitude to my child. She is very diligent and accurate. It was our first medek camp but not the last one. We have booked another not only camp but camps! See you soon."
Julka’s mum

"We are so happy we got to know about the Medek therapy as well as get to know Asia as a medek therapist. After 5-day camp, we noticed pretty big improvements. Mikołaj was practicing twice a day: in the morning and afternoon what allowed him to rest among the classes.
We got the Home Exercises Program. Asia taught us everything and we could have practiced with her as long as we feel confident enough to practice with Mikołaj at home."
Mikołaj's parents

Asia is very involved therapist. Not only did she practised Medek with our daughter but also she gave us so many precious information which could let our Zoja relieve her suffering. Zoja doesn’t need more stressful situation and Asia had reacted in the right way at the moments when Zoja wanted to cry. As a result Zoja was practicing very hard and with commitment.
Thank you very much for the camp and see you soon during our next camp.
Zoja’s parents.

"I’m impressed! Firstly – because of the approach to the child. Secondly – I’m impressed of the Medek therapy. My daughter was working with Mrs Ewelina who occured very empathetic and understanding person. Despite crying and protesting, Ewelina was able to find a way for my daughter. She is a good teacher who transmitted knowledge in a very accessible way.
I highly recommend not only ASQ Medek Therapy Centre but also the medek therapy which is very effective method."
Róża’s Mum