What does a rehabilitation camp look like?

The most popular and effective way of applying Medek therapy takes place during rehabilitation
camps. They usually last from 1 to 2 weeks (the duration is determined individually with parents/
caregivers after the child’s condition has been assessed by the therapist). During a rehabilitation
camp, therapeutic sessions are held twice a day, 45 minutes each.
Sessions are held from Monday to Friday (a total of 5 days for 1-week long camps, and 10 days for 2-
week long camps).
Parents/caregivers are also present during the sessions to observe. By participating, they get a
chance of taking a closer look at each exercise (or video record it). It is very important from the point of
view of therapeutic success, which to a high extent depends on a close and continuous cooperation
between the therapist, the child and the parents.
After the camp has finished, each parent/caregiver receives a set of homework exercises. Each
exercise is described in detail, including when and how often it should be performed.

How much does a rehabilitation camp cost?

The cost of a rehabilitation camp is individual and depends on its duration. The cost of a single
session (not as part of a camp) is PLN 130/45 minutes.
The cost of a rehabilitation camp does not include accommodation. We are happy to help parents
arrange accommodation for the duration of the camp, by suggesting hotels that other parents have
recommend to us.

How can I sing up for a rehabilitation camp?

Write us at kontakt@terapia-medek.pl or call: +48 533 455 477.
We will suggest the best date. You
are welcome to visit our website and FAQ section, where you’ll find answers to the most frequently
asked questions.