Children achieve the best results with Medek therapy when they exercise during rehabilitation camps. The duration and frequency of daily sessions is planned individually with parents/caregivers.



The Medek therapy has turned out to be a  bull’s-eye for my daughter Alicja. So far no other method hasn’t brought so fast and visible progress in  Alicja’s motor development. I’m full of admiration for the therapists, especially for Mrs Karolina Kusik who is the top-tier therapist. Mrs Karolina is a real angel. I have absolute confidence in her. She taught me every single exercise which I have to practise at home with Alicja. If anybody consider trying the Medek therapy, please don’t hesitate! Don’t lose your child’s valuable time.
Thank you very much.
P.S. See you very soon during our next camp:)
Alicja’s Mum

"I am delighted with the Medek therapy! The progress is visible after each camps. Earlier we had been waiting and waiting for any little improvement. One Medek camp and the results -incredible. Our daughter Weronika surprises us on every camp. I’m also impressed by Mrs Olga Pardej preparations and competences. Her professionalism was visible during every exercises. I think, the Medek therapy is the best what could happen to us and I highly recommend it to anyone who hestitates still. Every time we are well-prepared for exercising at home. Olga Pardej takes care of it very much :).
P.S. Thank you for your patience:)"
Weronika’s mum

ASQ Medek Therapy Centre is an unique place creating by extraordinary people. Professonalism and experience plus huge, although rarely seen nowadays , commitment and individual approach to every little patient. This is a recipe for the success and it’s guarantee of child’s motor development. We are very lucky to have worked with such a wonderful team headed by Asia Sopinska Stanek. Asia knows very well what Filip needs in every particular moment. She always has a kind word for us. Furthemore she is an open-minded person with infinite patience. Congratulations and thanks for your being!
Filip’s Dad


POLAND: Mieszka I 14, Wołomin | Łukowska 50 lok. 3, Warsaw
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