Children achieve the best results with Medek therapy when they exercise during rehabilitation camps. The duration and frequency of daily sessions is planned individually with parents/caregivers.



"Our Medek journey started only recently, but we recommended the rehabilitation camp with Joanna Sopińska-Stanek with all our hearts. Joanna, who is a kind person and a professional therapist, explained every exercise and showed how exactly we should work at home. She encouraged us to pursue this new method, therefore a month ago we started combining Medek with other methods to enhance therapeutic effects. We highly recommend ASQ Centre." Lila's parents
"We are very happy we learnt about the Medek therapy and got to know Joanna Sopińska and the ASQ Centre in Wołomin. We see a significant progress our son has made after a 1-week rehabilitation camp with 2 hours of exercises daily. Mikołaj exercised for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon, which allowed him time to rest in between the sessions. The exercises keep the child’s interest so that he/she is motivates to work. We are very happy with the results. With the plan of homework exercises we received from Joanna we are able to continue working on the gait." Mikołaj's parents
“Our Medek journey started in France with Ester Fink and Joanna Sopińska-Stanek. One day I saw a video on YouTube, which sparked my curiosity. Joanna felt intrigued too and wanted to try out this new method. The decision to go to France to meet Ester Fink was crazy; not every therapist would be brave enough to follow that instinct. Joanna, however, is different and has since mastered her Medek skills. Thank you, Joanna, for your courage and determination you have been sharing with us for 7 years." Michalina's parents.


POLAND: Mieszka I 14, Wołomin | Łukowska 50 lok. 3, Warsaw
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