Ewelina Olszewska-Kuchnio

graduated from the Warsaw University of Physical Education and Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She is an instructor of recreational physical activity specialising in fitness, and a yoga instructor.

I love anatomy and biomechanics of the human body, but my passion is a human being itself. Body work affects the mind, emotions, thoughts and feelings. I have experienced that myself and have seen it in my patients many times. A holistic approach to humans from the perspective of movement, emotions and nutrition, is the essence of my work.

I gained my experience working at the Reha-Medica Non-Public Medical Centre, Outpatient Clinic for Children with Developmental Age Dysfunctions, a school for children with special needs, Holimedica Rehabilitation Centre, and Kyokushin Martial Arts Club. I have been collaborating with ASQ Rehabilitation Centre since 2009. I have professional teaching qualifications.


Contemporary methods of diagnosis and treatment of soft tissues
GDS – muscle chains
PNF – basic, advanced, scoliosis
Manual therapy acc. to Plaatsman
Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
Manual Therapy of the mouth for physiotherapists, orthodontists and dentists

Postural Control Mechanism – development, dysfunctions, therapy.
Vinyasa Power Yoga, Basic Instructor
Kinesiology taping

Learning is a complex and fascinating process. Learning to move, learning to eat, learning to build relations with other people. I’m learning all that from my family and my patients. You are my motivation. Thanks!