Olga Pardej

 Olga graduated from the Warsaw University of Physical Education. She completed the following courses:

– NDT-Bobath (basic and baby);
– global movements evaluation acc. to Prechtl, used for very early diagnosis of central nervous system dysfunctions,
– kinesiology taping,
– teaching methods for people with intellectual disabilities (qualification course),
– sensory integration (level 1),
– orthopaedic support workshop with Ortofit thermoplastic materials,
– NDT Bobath workshop „Infants from groups of risk, e.g. premature babies, therapeutic approach”,
– introduction to soft tissue therapy in paediatric population,
– workshop: “Postural control mechanism – development, dysfunctions, therapy”,
– CranioSacral Therapy (CST1).

I always knew I wanted to treat children and developed my career accordingly. As a University student, I started an apprenticeship and a yearlong voluntary work at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute. I take every opportunity to learn and develop my skills to ensure my therapy is effective and satisfactory for patients and myself.

Outside of work I enjoy active forms of leisure, especially long walks with my dog, skiing and bike trips.